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Ransack Leather

Distressed Grey Wallet with Rust Bolts

Distressed Grey Wallet with Rust Bolts

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Why carry more when it only gets you in trouble? That’s what I say about a big wallet. This one not only will keep you from carrying too much, but it will even make your life a little easier.  Here’s how…

Two pockets, just carry what you need. Each pocket will fit about 4 cards, and a little folded cash. Toss your receipts & garbage- less space means it’s easier to keep clean. A carabiner clip is included and you can attach your keys to your wallet, or your wallet to your belt loop. This little guy also fits easily into pockets. And it’s CUTE! There is a fun mix of leathers on each unique piece. This one is distressed grey with rust gator bolts and metallic camo & grey croc print on the inside.

Closed wallet measures 4.25” x 3.25”

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