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Black & Grey Exotic Flaptop Shoulder Bag

Black & Grey Exotic Flaptop Shoulder Bag

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Such a unique bag, you’ll never see another like it. Vintage eagle belt combined with exotic leather creates a combo that I am loving 🖤
This shoulder bag is made from gorgeous black leather with full studded construction. The center inlay on the front flap… let’s talk about that piece of exotic leather… I’ve always been very cautious about purchasing exotic leathers and am mindful to get them from reputable vendors. I honestly never ever even entertained the idea of purchasing, or using, elephant leather, but the truth is, I won it from one of my favorite leather suppliers. Yes, I won a small piece, and it was explained to me that all of their elephant leather is ethically sourced from an elephant sanctuary in Zimbabwe. The leather is only harvested after a natural death. The piece is numbered and labeled for legal trade. Honestly, I understand that it’s not for everyone, and wanted to provide full disclosure. Moving on…
The vintage belt that I used for the strap is amazing. Eagles and funky trees… in the perfect shades of grey & beige. Large 3” rings connect the strap to the bag. A natural shed antler hangs from the front center and small faux marble studs accent the front. Fully lined with faux suede leopard print and has 2 interior pockets. Such a cool and unique bag 🖤
12” h x 13” w x 3” deep
Strap adjusts from 34-39” (including rings)

Materials: deer antler,faux suede,reclaimed belt,exotic leather,cowhide

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